10 Websites That Do Everything Wrong But Look So Right!

There are many web design taboos and usability guidelines for websites today. Most of the time when we stumble across these websites, we are immediately turned off and leave. They normally appear to be made in the ’70’s (if the 70’s had the internet that is).

Oddly enough, I’ve seen several websites brave enough to break the rules AND look awesome at the same time doing it. Who are these rebels and what have they done?

1. Stolichnaya Vodka


  • Built completely in flash
  • Took over 2 minutes to load in Chrome with 10mbps internet
  • Music, music everywhere!

This website is awesome. The music is awesome and not annoying. It’s worth waiting to load. If you visit any part of this site, make SURE you visit the history section. It’s gold.

2. The Heads of State


  • Flash navigation….WHAT?

Heads of State are the masters of poster design and their web typography is equally beautiful. So I can overlook their use of pointless flash navigation. Maybe I should point them in the direction of a proper web developer..cough cough.

3. Buffalo Wild Wings


  • All in flash
  • Sound effects

Crazy but crazy cool. I love these atypical layouts!



  • Landing page movie
  • Flash

This is the only time I want to see a landing page. And it’s super cool.

5. Rock Band


  • Imaged links
  • HTML is insanely messy

Sweet typography and graphics, I want this game!

6. Chiquita


  • Flash
  • Long loading time
  • splash page

Too much fun to say no.

7. Odney


  • Tables!

While I would never hire a company that uses tables in their coding, there’s something in their design I find appealing.

8. Widen + Kennedy


  • Messy code
  • JS all over the place in the middle of coding

Their sweet design and bold use of profanity makes me love this site.

9. The Richards Group


  • Flash

Trying scrolling over the symbols and see what happens!

10. Donnie Darko


  • What the? Where do I go?

Websites are supposed to be easy and intuitive for users. This site is anything but. They whole thing is a giant puzzle. Can you figure out how to get in the site?