12412 – Experience and Learn 12 New Web Technologies in 12 Months

I stumbled across 12412.org when looking at Paul Davis’s work. Consisting of three developers including Paul, Anthony Killeen, and Stephen Fulljames, 12412 aims to log their activities throughout 2012 as they choose a new technology or technique every month to learn and play with.

I thought this was a fantastic idea. I’ve had an insanely busy 2011 and haven’t spent much time learning new things like I should. What better way than to make a goal to learn something new every month? I thought I’d take their idea and list out a few items of my own that I want to do some research on and learn.


January’s going to be a short and busy month for me, due to moving across the seas to London. So I thought I’d start the year off a bit easy by doing some research on SASS. I’m very skeptical on this technique, but promised to at least read about it.


Inspired by Jeff Croft’s tumblog, I want to make my own to house all of my social media updates. I plan to incorporate Twitter, Instagram, Ravelry, Pinterest, Goodreads, Dribbble, Foursuare and Codesnippit. Building this will force me to learn how to work with APIs, while extending my knowledge of PHP in tying them together.


I plan on finishing my Objective-C book that I’ve been working on for so long. After that, I need to make a decision whether to give iPhone development some serious commitment, or move on.


Build a premium WordPress theme with admin panels. I haven’t had a chance to build any custom admin panels before, so this will be another great learning experience.


Again I want to further my knowledge of PHP and create some kind of user submission gallery site. I’m thinking along the lines of responsive and CSS3 submissions.


That’s all I’m planning for now. Who knows what the next few months will bring in our world. What do you think about 12412?