Awesome Free Design & Developer Resources

I’ve had a ton of people asking me where to find great resources, and have actually come across a ton of them lately. I’d thought I’d share them all with you in one post. 🙂

If you’ve got some other resources, let me know in the comments!


  • The Big Web Show – Hosted by Jeffery Zeldman and Dan Benjamin, The Big Web Show podcast invites different guests on each show and features a wide range of web topics.
  • Boagworld’s Audioboo – Boagworld Audioboo’s are only a few minutes short, but are on several different design, development and usability topics.
  • Boagworld Web Design Advice – Even though Boagworld is taking six months off from this podcast, it’s still a great resource for anything web design.
  • Boagworld Bites – Boagworld bites are pieces from the larger Web Design Advice show. These will continue to be published.
  • The Dev Show – The dev show guys are kind of silly, but they’ve got great dev topics and resources. Just wished they’d stop talking about Ruby and MongoDB.
  • Freelance Radio – Not necessarily about development, Freelance Radio from FreelanceSwitch still offers great advice on running your own web business.
  • OnMacDevelopment – OnMacDevelopment caters specifically to Mac, iPhone and iPad development.
  • The Pipeline – The Pipeline also isn’t specific to web development, but is an interview show that features some of the biggest names in the design and development world.
  • SitePoint Podcast – The official podcast of, they offer news and opinions on design and development.
  • Think Vitamin – Think Vitamin is Carsonified’s official podcast about web and development.
  • 37signals Podcast – 37signals talks about the design and development of web apps. Great stuff.



image by hashmil