Review of BIllings & Billings Touch. Win A Copy!

I’ve been a huge fan of Billings software ever since I won a free license back in November. I had actually been trying to find an official billing and time tracking app because Paypal invoices just weren’t cutting it in the area of professionalism, and custom invoices were taking too long to fill out.

I tried and reviewed Freshbooks and it didn’t make the cut. Why would I want to pay an exorbitant fee every month, and more when I have more clients? Plus, what if I didn’t have access to the internet but wanted to check my client info?

That’s when I won my copy of Billings.


Billings is Mac-only app with a reasonable price tag of $39.99 (like one month’s use of Freshbooks!). It allows you to track your time by client, apply and bill for that time, make and send estimates and invoices and track who’s paid you and who hasn’t.

The app’s website is beautiful, in line with the normall Mac app look. The checkout process, support and forums are great to use. The app itself is equally beautiful and it feels and runs like a native Mac app built by Apple itself. Some of the coolest features I love from them are:

  • The timer that sits in your top toolbar, you can quickly start, stop and switch between open projects
  • Send estimates, invoices and statements
  • Lots of different report features you can run instantly. This was a BIG help when filing taxes.
  • Ability to customize and switch between a dozen or so invoice designs (I use the yellow birdie). And most of them look great, no Word templates here!
  • Arrange clients in folders (I use these for potential, active and old)

It seems Billings has just the right amount of features. It took me a couple of hours the first day (mainly because I was playing the the template customizations for so long) to learn, and ever since then it’s been quick and easy to use. I leave the app open and probably take a look at it 5-6 times a day.

The only issues I’ve had were that the sending estimates function would lock up every once in awhile if I had a long notes section. The ability to email estimates was also down for a bit. But a quick jump to the forums and it was fixed in the next release. So it works perfectly now. I’ve never actually had to force quit the app or have it crash on me (if only Adobe could do the same *cough cough*).

Billings Touch

I only recently purchased Billings Touch (the iPhone app) because I did’t really see a use for it, until I had purchased my new iMac. I was unable to track time or send estimates or invoices when working on my MacBook (since you can’t sync two copies via Dropbox or anything).

Billings Touch comes in at a hefty $14.99 price tag (ouch) but it’s another beautiful app. It allows you to view all your client accounts and make and send invoices. You can wirelessly sync via your wireless network (so make sure you do it before you leave home!) but it doesn’t it automatically when you open the app.

The only major disappoint to this app is that you can’t view or make estimates, but so far that’s been ok to me. You also can’t have the same invoices and estimates as you do on your regular Billings app, but I don’t think any of my clients have, or will care, that my invoices from the iPhone look different.

I don’t get out much so I haven’t used this app a whole lot, but I was able to send an invoice while lying in bed at 1 am the other morning…and that was just too cool. 😉 I was also able to check on the fly whether or not I had any late payers while sitting in my favorite coffee shop.

Congrats to the Winners!

The winners of the contest are @Illumilogic @joshhemsley and @michalkozak ! Congratulations! Please send me your email addresses!