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Beginning WordPress Development: A Look At Common Functions

WordPress is both my favorite blog and CMS platform ever created. It’s easy to use and customize, and there’s basically nothing that can’t be done in it. If you don’t have a copy of WordPress, you can download the latest version here in order to follow along with this tutorial. One of my favorite things about WordPress, is the built...

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Testing Your Websites In IE On A Mac

Everyone loves a Mac. Yup, everyone. Out of all the awesomeness of a Mac though, there’s one problem that faces developers – testing in IE. I’ve gone through several different ways of checking out your site in IE, so I’m here to tell you it can definitely be done! I’m going to break this article into three sections: on the...

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Dealing With Big Name Clients

The day that every freelancer dreams of finally comes–you get contacted by a big name client. The want you to do some work with them. You’re excited and as soon as you get off the phone you jump around your office screaming “YES!”. Surely that means if you’re doing work for one large company, you’ll never again have to scramble to...

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How to Get Ahead When There’s No Work

Every freelancer, no matter how awesome they are, goes through slow periods. They often only last a week or two–but when you’re used to getting a lot of checks in the mail, that week can go on for forever. Even though you should be used to it by now, it’s still stressful, but there’s hope yet! If you’re like me,...

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How One Ecommerce Company Got Started (Interview)

Many freelancers start their one person business with the idea that someday they’d like to expand and become something more. Some freelancers go on to start a full design agency, while others prefer to make their own products to sell to clients. I’ve know the company SumEffect software for over a year now and they make an awesome product called CoreCommerce....

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Easy WordPress DropDown Menus

I’ve always been a huge fan of WordPress because they make everything so easy for developers. The dropdown menu is no exception. By using WordPress’s standard wp_list_pages or WordPress 3’s wp_nav_menu menu functions, we can easily create different kinds of dropdowns for our clients. Today I’d like for us to take a look at two popular types of dropdowns: one...

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BarCamp Nashville 2010 Recap

BarCamp Nashville this year was great! The swag was awesome and the sponsors were great.  This year we had a giant 10ft tall robot and a large green octopus walking around! I videoed my all-time favorite speaker this year. Be sure to listen to the whole thing, not only is he a great speaker, he’s also very funny. Here’s Justin...

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Learning From Developer Celebrity Drama

I used to think that we developers were less vain about things. We don’t watch the soaps, buy the shady drama magazines in the checkout line, or generally care what the celebrities are up to – until recently that is. I realized that we do care what the celebrities are up to, just not the ones in Hollywood. You see,...

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Are There Too Many Freelancers?

Finding freelance work can be tough, especially if you’re just starting out or not too well known in the community. A lot of people try to find some clients for a few weeks and when they can’t, they give up and think that there’s just too much competition for jobs out there today. But is there? If you’re looking for...

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Why We Freelance

A lot of freelancers I talk to tell me they’re just freelancing temporarily until they can find a full-time job. Hogwash me says (dang I missed pirate day). Freelancing is the best thing ever and way better than any job in the world – even lead programmer of Apple. Some are scared to freelance and they never do – which...

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