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Made By Oomph!

Sometimes having friends on Twitter can really have it benefits, especially when they have awesome connections. Such was the case when I commented on Paul Maloney‘s awesome looking new plastic business cards. Turns out, the business cards were created by Oomph!, a company that prints all sorts of awesome plastic cards and they were looking for some nice promotors. Truth...

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The Death of an App

Yesterday I decided to put up my beloved app, Codesnipp.it, for sale. Codesnippit was the very first side project I ever took on and came with the added bonus of being able to do something with my husband (who’s a PHP programmer). However 3ish years later, my poor Codesnipp.it has sat there stagnant and unloved. It’s been through two design...

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The Art of Handmade Code

As I lay in bed early this morning unable to sleep, I started thinking about why I chose web development as a career. Why did I, who preferred art, books and anything crafty – all tangible items made by hands, prefer to work at a career that was so intangible as to be technically nonexistent. Websites in reality don’t exist....

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Using the new WordPress Customizer and SimplePie Together

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some code tutorials! Unfortunately the blog has taken a back seat to client projects, a (real!) book I’m writing on Advanced WordPress, and several talks for conferences this summer! However today, I had to write something cool I thought you’d guys would enjoy. Let’s pretend your client wants to show a blog feed from...

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Insites: The Book

Reasons To Be Creative & dConstruct 2012

Two awesome conferences. One week. One tired speaker, y’all. Brighton is one of my favourite places to be, so I relished in the opportunity to be able to speak at Reasons to be Creative and attend dContruct all in the same week. Both were wildly different conferences, but both were fantastic! Reasons to be Creative Sunday night was the speaker...

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Practical CSS3 Animations

This was the talk I gave for Reasons To Be Creative, September 4, 2012. Slides and transcript below. (slide2) How’s everyone enjoying Reasons so far? I’ve seen some really fantastic talks these past couple of days, it’s going to be hard to follow them! So for the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a bad ear infection that’s left me...

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Design In Real Life

We don’t often think about the design of things until it fails in some way. While we may be pleasantly surprised at good design, design in general  often goes unnoticed altogether – we don’t normally care what something looks like as long as it works. It’s when we’re stuck in a train that’s set to divide in half at the...

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Why I'm (Still) Against SASS & LESS

I started off a Twitter debate yesterday (I always seem to stir up trouble) about how I would never use LESS or SASS, and how I’m becoming a minority in the development world. I’ve done a lot of research into both systems, and have read several blog posts from people who were also cautious and then made the jump and...

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A Bit Of Professional Advice

I always try to go above and beyond for my clients – but sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes you come to a point in your client relationship, whether your fault, theirs or both, where you need to put on the breaks and just say no. Saying no is a scary thing, because even as a professional, you feel the client...

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