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The Best Development Articles Of AmberWeinberg.com

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I started blogging! My friends and family have always said that I could talk forever, but I never believed that until now. 😉 I wanted to share some of the best articles written on here since I started blogging. Business of the Web Part 3 : What does valid code mean to...

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Contribute Fridays: What sort of articles would you like to see here?

Are there any kinds of articles you’d like to see on the blog here that hasn’t already been done? Interviews? More book reviews (I promise I have several of those coming again)? Tutorials? Let me know what kinds of articles or specific topics you’d like to see ^_^ image by Daniel Henríquez

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What's The Point Of Being An Internet Bully?

I remember the day clearly – I was in middle school gym class and the “popular girls” decided they were tired of playing touch football and wanted to sit out on the field. Now it was a hot day, so I decided to sit out as well. Turns out, only they could sit down and no one else. If anyone...

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Awesome Free Design & Developer Resources

I’ve had a ton of people asking me where to find great resources, and have actually come across a ton of them lately. I’d thought I’d share them all with you in one post. 🙂 If you’ve got some other resources, let me know in the comments! Podcasts The Big Web Show – Hosted by Jeffery Zeldman and Dan Benjamin,...

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Getting Starting With The iPhone SDK

This article is a general overview of making iPhone apps using the iPhone software development kit (SDK). In order to start making your own iPhone apps, you’ll need to sign up for a free Apple Developer account and download the iPhone SDK. What’s the iPhone SDK? Apple has bundled a ton of great resources into a mega 2GB download that contains help...

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Contribute Fridays: What are you working on today?

It’s a holiday weekend so you should take it easy today! I’m going to be working on my business – both AmberWeinberg.com and CodeSnipp.it. Doing some code updates, some promotional stuff, etc etc. What are you working on? huh, huh? 😉

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A Guide to Creating Your Own Projects

Client work is great, but it’s not always the kind of work you really enjoy. While you can pick and choose your clients and projects, client projects are never really as exciting as creating your own. There are several benefits to doing your own projects: Make some extra money Create something awesome for your portfolio that a client hasn’t butchered Learn...

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Should You Document Your HTML?

Anyone who knows anything about my development style knows I’m a huge stickler for clean, semantic code. It kills me when a client asks me to edit an existing site that’s filled with improper tabs, run-on coding, extra blank lines and divs name “div45673435534”. I’ve been so proud of the development community lately, because I’ve watched the importance of clean...

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How To Write Effective Quotes For Clients

A common question I get from both seasoned freelancers and beginners is how to go about writing quotes. Now, most of you know I recommend charging by the project for several reasons, the biggest being that the better you get at what you do, the more you screw yourself by charging hourly. So many of you have wondered, if you...

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Learning How To Freelance Without Clients

For some reason, even though I’ve been in the development world for over ten years, I’d never thought about making my own apps. It seemed to me that web and app development were two completely different things. That was until I started listening to a bunch of podcasts that mentioned app development and read some books by 37signals. Several months and long...

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