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Hardboiled Web Design by Andy Clarke

Hardboiled and me have a not so nice history. I first ordered Hardboiled Web Design way back in October I think, it was supposed to ship right after Thanksgiving, but due to the insane amount of snow the UK got, it was delayed until the first week or two of December. That was ok though, it was promised to be...

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Finding A Good Hosting Company

It can be insanely difficult to find a good hosting company that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Not too long ago, I wrote a review of all the hosting companies I went through before I found one that was really worth my money. I’ve learned several things about what’s needed in a good host and if you want...

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Learning When To Scrap Your App

Right around a year ago I bought the domain for Codesnipp.it. At the time, it was just me and my fiancé, Nikita, working on the site. When we launched, we already had a ton of beta sign ups and we believed our idea to be unique and something the dev community was sorely missing. Fast forward to a year later....

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8+ Stereotypes about Freelance Web Developers–Busted

Every industry has its share of stereotypes and web developers aren’t an exception. While poking fun of these stereotypes amongst ourselves is a fun pastime, it can quickly get out of hand when it’s a client or someone outside the development industry who becomes biased thanks to them. Just like everything else, freelance web developers aren’t the same by any means....

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The HTML5 Logo & Why You Shouldn't Use It

Last week the W3C came out with the HTML5 logo. The logo itself is actually really nice looking (and yes I want the t-shirt!), but unfortunately the neat design is now worthless. Yup the W3C decided that it wanted to lump in every new technology with HTML5, making it seem as if you couldn’t use one without the other. It even added...

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What Happens When the Website You Are Working on Blows Up?

It’s every developer’s nightmare. You finally get approval from the client to go live and launch the client’s website and then BOOM! Something happens and the whole site blows up. I recently had this scenario happen. Thankfully, the site wasn’t live yet, but the client still expected me to fix the site, with no offer of extra payment, even though...

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Beginning jQuery: Your First Clean Tabbed Plugin

I’ve been spending a lot of time learning jQuery the past couple of weeks and I’ve never realized just how fun it is to work with (at least when it is working right) and I’ve already been able to write several of my own functions and plugins. The other day I wrote a basic tab feature for a client and...

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Why I Love The Dev Community – Always

Yesterday I wrote an angry article about Why I Hate The Dev Community – Sometimes thanks to another article of mine being in the middle of a flame war. I realized that it wasn’t fair to talk about all things I hated about our community without also expanding upon all the awesome high points of why I loved it as...

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Why I Hate The Dev Community – Sometimes

I have been a part of, and love, the dev community for many many years now. I’ve wanted to be a web developer all my life and appreciate the fact that I can support my lifestyle with it and that people look up to me to learn what I’ve learned. I’m very thankful for all you awesome developers and designers...

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Which Content Management System Should You Focus On?

The web is a fantastic place filled with everything anyone could ever want. The problem becomes though, is that there can be too much to choose from and we often suffer from choice paralysis–where we freeze up and are unable to choose anything at all. Choice is not something lacking in the development world either and because of this, it’s...

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