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Getting Into the Nitty-Gritty of the WordPress Customizer

One of WordPress 3.4’s best new features is the Customizer which allows you to create a place where the theme itself can be updated or modified. The Customizer, also called a theme options panel, is an area in the admin with a list of sections and options to the left in a panel, and a preview of the theme’s homepage...

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A Developer's Workflow

There’s been a lot of chatter on Twitter lately about workflows – I love seeing how everyone works and am amazed at how we all do the same thing, but in a million different ways. I enjoy making small evolutions of workflow to increase time, but I admit I’m also not the best when it comes to trying out radically...

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Backwards Responsive

I’m a developer, not a designer, so pretty much 100% of my clients already have their designs finished by the time they come to me. Most of them don’t really start thinking about a device centric web until they come to their developer, which means the designs are often not designed with mobile in mind. More than that, there’s often...

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Animations on Scroll with CSS3 & JS

I’ve been working on a really cool site that requires a lot of custom animations on a one page smooth scrolling site. Being the CSS lover I am, most of these are done via CSS3, however they wanted certain panels to have text fade in or slide over when the user scrolled down to it. Nikita and I sat down...

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Is It Adaptive or Responsive Web Design?

There seems to be a lot of confusion in the industry among both us web folk and clients about the differences between adaptive and responsive web design. I’ve even seen someone go so far as to say they’re both the same thing. They’re not. For the most part, clients could care less what way you go about mobile – as long...

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Hello, Emmett.

It’s true what they say about old dogs and new tricks. I have to admit I’m not the most embracing when it comes to trying out new ways to code. However I quickly fell in love with one Emmett (aka Zen Coding) as soon as I saw their intro video on their website. Before I go one with the review,...

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20 Mobile UI Tips For Developers

My talk from HandHeld 2012. I’ll be writing a conference review for Ubelly in the next day or so. Slide Intro Slide Let’s say your boss comes to you one day and wants you to code a new site that will work across all browsers and devices. “No Problem” you say, because you love responsive design. Slide BUT the designer...

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The Art of Handmade Code

As I lay in bed early this morning unable to sleep, I started thinking about why I chose web development as a career. Why did I, who preferred art, books and anything crafty – all tangible items made by hands, prefer to work at a career that was so intangible as to be technically nonexistent. Websites in reality don’t exist....

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Using the new WordPress Customizer and SimplePie Together

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some code tutorials! Unfortunately the blog has taken a back seat to client projects, a (real!) book I’m writing on Advanced WordPress, and several talks for conferences this summer! However today, I had to write something cool I thought you’d guys would enjoy. Let’s pretend your client wants to show a blog feed from...

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Practical CSS3 Animations

This was the talk I gave for Reasons To Be Creative, September 4, 2012. Slides and transcript below. (slide2) How’s everyone enjoying Reasons so far? I’ve seen some really fantastic talks these past couple of days, it’s going to be hard to follow them! So for the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a bad ear infection that’s left me...

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