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Practical CSS3 Animations

This was the talk I gave for Reasons To Be Creative, September 4, 2012. Slides and transcript below. (slide2) How’s everyone enjoying Reasons so far? I’ve seen some really fantastic talks these past couple of days, it’s going to be hard to follow them! So for the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a bad ear infection that’s left me...

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Why I'm (Still) Against SASS & LESS

I started off a Twitter debate yesterday (I always seem to stir up trouble) about how I would never use LESS or SASS, and how I’m becoming a minority in the development world. I’ve done a lot of research into both systems, and have read several blog posts from people who were also cautious and then made the jump and...

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Problems in Mobile Development

Last week I was supposed to be giving this talk at iOSDevUK, but unfortunately I had to cancel it because I was sick. So I thought I’d post my notes here for you guys to read and go through. This talk is slightly different from the version I used at previous conferences, as I decided to update and revise it....

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Shopify: a Review, a Workshop and a Friend

In my endless pursuit of finding the perfect eCommerce platform (much like my endless pursuit of the perfect jQuery carousel – finally solved btw), I’ve been testing out different eCommerce platforms with each new project that’s needed some sort of checkout functionality. I hate eCommerce. It’s always such a pain to customise and get the client’s designs working and looking...

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Development Philanthropy

Every developer (or designer of course) comes to that point in their career where they realise they no longer have to make websites just to survive. They’re either making enough money to reduce their work schedule, or they’ve even decided to start something in the after hours. Either way, it seems we all eventually come to the point where we...

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Faux Parallax, Box-Sizing, the Browser Edge and a Bit of Javascript

For the past week and a half, I’ve been working on a site for a client of mine. It’s a very detailed design, along with several small detailed pieces of functionality – which means it took me forever to code just the homepage. However, I was quite surprised at how proud I was when I finally finished it – the...

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Review of Panic's Coda 2

I couldn’t sleep thanks to a lovely ear infection, so I thought I’d go ahead and download Coda 2 at 1:45am, before the majority of you geeks. I’ve always been a huge Coda fan, but this version takes the cake. Here are my thoughts….. Layout Upon opening the app for the first time, and after sniffing that new app smell,...

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Good Developer Conferences

Last week I wrote about overpriced conferences, so this week I thought I’d write about the other side of the coin. I’m sitting on a train in Brighton that was supposed to be in London by now, but am happy as a peach. I’ve just come from a fantastic conference, Points Brighton, that I was asked to speak at last minute...

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Overpriced Developer Conferences

Yesterday I attended and spoke at the Sourc{ conference in southern London. I did it completely free of charge, because I’d only had one other conference under my belt and have been wanting to get some more experience. I enjoyed being able to hang out with Remy Sharp, Paul Davis and my new best buddy, Kat Thompson. I even meet...

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Developing Custom WooCommerce Themes

I recently had a project that required working with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a free eCommerce framework from the makers of WooThemes. I’ve never been a fan of working with premade themes or frameworks for WordPress, as the devs tend to code completely different than I do and it’s frustrating to have to learn someone else’s style. However, I’ve been a...

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