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Custom Tumblog with SimplePie & RSS Feeds

It’s interesting how projects can completely change from the way you first planned them to be. For February’s 12412 project, I originally wanted to play with social media APIs to create a custom tumblog of every site I’ve ever been a part of, in addition to learning PHP to add them all together. I took one look at the API...

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What One Thing Do You Want To Learn This Year?

Here are the results from the Twitter poll I took today – quite surprised at the results, didn’t think jQuery and Ruby would be the winners. What are you wanting to learn?

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CSS3 Animated Buttons

Today I was tasked with creating some wacky CSS3 animated buttons. I started out by looking at one or two tutorials before I was able to come up with something of my own. The button made use of three typical states: regular, hover and active. I started out by coding the buttons so they’d look fine in non-animation capable browsers....

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January's 12412: Researching LESS & SASS

My first 12412 project was to research and learn about SASS. After the recommendation from several people, I also decided to check into LESS. I’d been hearing a lot about the two techniques and was quite skeptical – in fact it seems I’m often skeptical of new things out on the web. Most frameworks, shims and other “add-on”s are only...

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12412 – Experience and Learn 12 New Web Technologies in 12 Months

I stumbled across 12412.org when looking at Paul Davis’s work. Consisting of three developers including Paul, Anthony Killeen, and Stephen Fulljames, 12412 aims to log their activities throughout 2012 as they choose a new technology or technique every month to learn and play with. I thought this was a fantastic idea. I’ve had an insanely busy 2011 and haven’t spent...

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We Are The Developers

We are the developers. We work behind the curtains. We rid the world of bugs. We stay up late and wake up early. We’re always innovating. We’re on the bleeding edge. We’re closer to each other than any other industry. We’re not required to have credentials; yet we’re the most educated. We know more languages than anyone else. We’re not...

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Review of CSS For Print Designers by JD Graffam

I met JD Graffam a few years back at Barcamp Memphis, though I doubt he remembers me. So I was fairly surprised to see his name when I picked up a copy of CSS for Print Designers. His book, targeted obviously to code newbies with a background of print design, was something I wouldn’t normally read, but since I never...

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Learning The Web in 2012

I’m look forward to improving my responsive development skills, as well as learning the mobile first approach. I also plan to continue dabbling in iPhone development, hopefully being able to spend more time in it. What do you want to learn in 2012?

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An Optimized Development Workflow

I’ve been working on the Macbook Air for about a week now and I must say, besides a few speed issues (which I’m pretty sure is due to a faulty Time Capsule), I’m really loving the swap. I’ve got an external monitor set up as the main monitor and I use the 13″ Air monitor as my secondary. I’m constantly...

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State Of the Developer 2011

Our industry is changing more rapidly than ever. It used to be that you could stay unconnected from the news and web for several months and check out industry news once or twice a year and be caught up within minutes. Now it seems you can’t even turn off Twitter for a day without missing several important new apps, product...

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