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How to Take a Vacation Without the Internet

Even though we can work from anywhere and can dictate our own schedules, it’s not often that we allow ourselves to take non-working holidays, especially ones where we’ll be completely off the grid with no phone or internet access at all. I never though about this issue until about eight months ago when I got engaged. In another month, we’re...

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Review of the Social Signup Plugin

A few weeks ago, the creators of the Social Signup Plugin contacted me about doing a review of their plugin. While I don’t normally do review requests, the plugin actually sounded like something one of my clients needed, so I decided to check it out. From their website, they describe their plugin as: We decided to make the Social Signup...

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25 Easy Ways to Fine Tune Your Freelancing Business

One of the things about freelancing that’s both helpful and harmful, is that once you get the business going, it pretty much runs itself. Once you’ve gone over that first hump of finding those first few clients, if you provide great service and work, you often don’t even need to advertise or look for clients much. While this is great...

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Starting A Successful Business

I’ve recently had several people tell me that they’d like to jump into freelancing soon and quit their full-time jobs. The problem is, they have no idea where to begin so they keep putting the idea off. I’ve seen this a lot with people. We’re so used to what we’re already doing that it’s scary to think of trying something...

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10 Home Office Time Savers

Working from home is one of my favorite things about being a freelancer. However, it can end up being a distraction if you’re not careful. There have been plenty of times that the whole day has gone by before I even got started working–simply because I decided to play around the house or on the internet. While it’s okay to do...

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Freelance Finances – What to Do with All that Money

Being a successful freelancer means you have the ability to earn a lot more money than you ever could with a full-time job. Therefore, it’s very important that you have a good financial head on your shoulders. Otherwise, you could end up broke, in debt, or even lose your business. It’s quite easy to forget about sticking to a budget or...

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The Pink Elephant : Interior Design Blog & Tutorial Site

I’ve started a new blog called The Pink Elephant. It follows all of my interior design projects, gardening escapades and more! Plus check it out and let me know what you think!

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What to Do When You Have too Much Work

We all strive to be there–we want to have so much work we never really have to advertise or cold call or do much marketing ever again. We want enough clients so that we can pick and choose the best ones with the best projects. But what happens when you actually make it there? Personally, I have a tendency to overschedule...

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Together We Can Help Japan

Although Japan is a wealthy country, the sheer magnitude of the damage and destruction implores us to help our Japanese friends as best as we can. For Haiti, us along with a bunch of other generous developers donated money with the Indie+Relief initiative. It doesn’t seem that there is such an effort going this time, so we’ve put something together...

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Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us By Seth Godin

Tribes is the second book I’ve read by Seth Godin. Purple Cow was a pretty awesome read, so when several people recommended this book to me, I picked it up eagerly. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. While it did contain some great thoughts, none of it was really new. Seth Godin is supposed to be some...

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