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Perks of Having A Side Project

This past three weeks have seen me working hard on my new project, Skeinly. While it has nothing to do with our web industry (besides being a web app itself), it’s pushing me far forward in terms of skill and knowledge. So far I’ve had to sit down and write up business plans and ideas, draw UI wireframes, help the...

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Hijinks: A Developer's Blank WordPress Theme

Regular Hijinks is no longer available and has now become, Super Hijinksified!

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Something not custom enough to put in my portfolio, but  I thought it was cool enough to post. Here’s a personal project I’ve been working on for my little sister’s graduation gift: her own little portfolio! 🙂 Using the “London Creative” template from Themeforest with some customizations. What do you think? http://kayleeweinberg.com/

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Facebook Like WordPress Plugin

Mitch Canter of studionashvegas came out with a cool WordPress plugin that places a facebook “like” button on the bottom of your posts. When someone likes your post, their facebook avatar shows underneath the button and it sends your link to their activity stream. I installed this plugin today and it was super cool. The only problem was that it...

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