Contribute: 10 Things This Web Developer Can't Live Without

Note: I have a HUGE post coming out tomorrow, so instead of posting my silly post on Friday, we’ll do it today! 🙂

There are several things each of us consider sacred to our life and living well. The same goes for being a freelance web developer. What kind of things are necessary for your business and sanity while working? Here are my favorite 10 things I couldn’t live or work without.

Thing 1: My MacBook

There would be no work, if there wasn’t something to work on. My handy Macbook can handle opening every memory-leaking program at the same time and still have juice to run that newest Tudor’s show from iTunes.

Thing 2: Apple Time Capsule

Another life savor from Apple, I’d be out of business if it wasn’t my for Time Capsule. Automatic wireless backups multiple times an hour, restore from 1 button, wireless printing, super fast wireless N/G internet, and moving an entire computer all the way down to the desktop picture to a new one, you can’t lose with this guy. I once lost about 5 years worth of client emails. I got them back in 2 seconds.

Thing 3: My Secretary

What business would be productive without a secretary to answer the phones? He even offers free kisses every time I kick the desk and throw the computer in anger. Plus he’s free. Gold.

Thing 4: As Many Monitors/Laptops/Computers As Possible

No developer can ever have too many monitors, computers or laptops. Ever.

Thing 5: The Local Books-A-Million

A few times a week (unless it’s this week when I’m sick and swamped) I have to go to my local Books-a-Million and work for a few hours. It gets me out of the house, keeps me sane, plus I can sip their awesome Blueberry Pomegranate slushies and check out new books when the laptop’s battery dies (normally takes about 5 minutes…)

Thing 6: Trusty Programmer

None of my major projects would get done without this guy, who happens to be the best programmer in the whole world. Luckily, I can normally get by paying him only with dinner and cookies.

Thing 7: iPhone

For working when you’re supposed to be done working, the iPhone is perfect for answering client emails at 2 a.m., writing blog posts when you’re supposed to be sleeping, even editing HTML and CSS in WordPress. Time off? There’s no such thing!

Thing 8: Twitter

Most freelancers never leave the office and are pale and stinky. Luckily I can get my share of socialization done through Twitter and can pretend I have a real life. Plus it’s great for keeping up with the newest coolest coding trends. Just don’t tweet what you’re eating, m’kay?

Thing 9: 10 mbps Charter Internet

Another essential, I wouldn’t get anything done without lightning speed internet. And luckily for me, it’s never gone down since we’ve lived here. +1 for Charter.

Thing 10: Clients!

Who would have a business without them? Although they can sometimes be a point of frustration, we all have a love/hate relationship with these guys, but we must make sure we’re thankful because hey, they’re paying for my new Porsche. (I wish)

Your Turn

So what can you not live without? Please share!