Contribute Fridays: New Host!

After some terrible experience with my GoDaddy host when I started receiving high amounts of traffic, (I’ve had them for 5+ years with no problem before) I finally decided to switch hosts. It’s next to impossible to figure out what host to go with, because a bunch of people will mention one is great, and the same number of people will say it’s terrible. I didn’t have the money to spend on a dedicated, since I don’t make any advertising money from the blog – yet.

A lot of people mentioned how great BlueHost is, and they’re offering unlimited data transfer and disk space for $4 a month. After transferring the site, it’s load time was cut by around 60%, but still taking 13 seconds to load. Apparently a lot of the “optimization” techniques I had tried from reading a WordPress Optimization post was what was slowing my site down.

So ta-da welcome to the faster, zippier, happier!  (It is faster for you, right? 😉 )