Contribute Fridays: What Changes Do You Plan to Make in 2010?

new year by *Sally M*What Changes Do You Plan to Make in 2010?

I haven’t thought too much about the New Year, but it seems it’s fast approaching. Personally, I like where my business is right at the moment, and I hope it continues the same level of busy-ness. I hope to take a few free online classes and go through the PHP book I won a few backs when Nikita leaves on vacation to Russia. (So I’ll have plenty of free time for that 2 weeks). It’s good to spend some serious time learning new things, at least once a year, ya know?

  • Do you plan to learn a new programming language?
  • Start freelancing full-time?
  • Expanding your business?
  • Niche?
  • Go back to school?

What are your 2010 plans for your freelancing, web design or development skills?