Do You Have The Purple Cow? A Review of Seth Godin's Moo-ness

I recently picked up about $200 worth of books for my business. These included marketing, social media, advanced coding and basic business type books. I thought not only would these books help me and my business, but they would help some of you out as well, who are looking for something to help you along the way to freelancing success.

Many of you know I like giving away stuff too. Although I hadn’t plan to give away any of these books (shipping and extra books are starting to get pricey for me!) I was able to win an extra copy through a contest of a future book, so there’s something to look forward to!

Back on subject, today’s review is of Seth Godin‘s Purple Cow. I’m told this book was a classic, written several years ago, but still relevant to today, and now updated with a bonus section.

Who is Seth Godin? I’ve heard about him from several places, mainly Dave Ramsey and a few (of the very few) reputable marketing and business “geniuses” out there. He’s supposed to be the best marketing guy ever. So I thought I learn a few things from him.

Although I will admit, the fact he’s using a simple Typepad blog, with no commenters, and doesn’t do any social media – that strikes as odd to me, but hey what do I know? Marketing is not my area of expertise.

First Thoughts

The book is tiny, about the size of a children’s paperback, but it’s a hardcover and a whopping $22. It has 160 pages in it’s original version, and 200 pages in the “bonus” version. The whole thing is dressed in a gaudy Barney purple with cow spots all over it. Remarkable?

The Content

I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed with the book. The book has one message – and that was you have to be remarkable to be in business today. I know that. My question is how to be remarkable? How to get my name out there and translate my remarkability to clients? There were no answers.

The book is mainly about the fall of traditional advertising techniques like print ads and TV commercials. It has lots of great examples of how big and small businesses have succeed at being remarkable – mainly by going out and doing completely insane stuff, like a butcher who has philosophical debates with his customers.


Somewhat. I feel this is geared more towards big business, and doesn’t have much in the way of tips for helping the startup or junior business. But the theory behind the book is sound – I know for a fact people tune out TV commercials – because, well, I tune out TV commercials.

Purple Cow has some generally good marketing theory – all it has is theory. So don’t expect to get any pinpointed marketing tips for your business. The purpose of this books is to change your ideas of marketing (buy ads ads ads) to something more customer driven (let the customers advertise by having a remarkable product)

Do I recommend reading it? If you’re new to marketing and Seth Godin, yes! Although I only give it 3 out of 5 stars, it’s a great book for a newbie entrepreneur and I think the ideas will change the way you think. 😉

I am crossing my fingers and hoping his new Linchpin book will be more of a help…and I’ll be giving that one away!