Easy jQuery Plugins For Developers Who Don't Know jQuery

I will admit I don’t know one thing about script languages. I absolutely HATE javascript and it’s newish counterpart – jQuery. Yea I know I know….but I consider jQuery to be more on the programming side than front-end development. I just have no interest in it, but in this dynamic media age, I’ve been coming across it more and more with each project. So I’ve gathered up a bunch of tools and easy plugins for developers like me. After linking to the JS in the header, all you really have to do is edit the CSS. And most of these have such great documentation, it took me very little time to figure these out and customize these. So here you go, jQuery for Dummies…

Simple jQuery Dropdowns

The Simple jQuery Dropdowns Plugin is just that – simple. It’s formed by using UL parent and childs. Can use multi-level dropdowns as well.
Benefits: works in IE6, small amount of CSS and JS, can implement in less than 5 minutes.
Downside: None I can think of.

Easy Slider

The Easy Slider Plugin was a bit of a challenge for me, but I was still able to figure it out. Works in all browsers, but you have to download their 1.8 version to be able to use both prev/next buttons AND number slides. Was worth the extra effort of coding.
works in IE6, can use prev/next buttons, can use number buttons, customizable
A lot more JS intensive, took a few hours to figure out, harder to customize, harder to work in all browsers.


There are a million different versions of Lightbox, but the jQuery Lightbox .05 plugin is definitely my favorite. Quick and easy to implement, minimal HTML/CSS code.
can target by DIV, instead of individual elements, quick & easy

I’m always on the lookout for easy plugins to make my development life, well easy. Let me know if you have some others you enjoy.