Facebook Like WordPress Plugin

Mitch Canter of studionashvegas came out with a cool WordPress plugin that places a facebook “like” button on the bottom of your posts. When someone likes your post, their facebook avatar shows underneath the button and it sends your link to their activity stream.

I installed this plugin today and it was super cool. The only problem was that it was auto insert and I use posts for my portfolio, apps and homepage, but didn’t want to have the button there.

So I decided to play with the plugin a bit, and ended up customizing it so that you can choose in the admin whether to have it auto inserted, or manually inserted, along with a function that allows you to put the button anywhere you choose. I ended up sending the files back to Mitch, who loved it sooo much, he updated the official plugin with it.

You can see the working plugin below. So download his awesome plugin, with my mods, in the offical WordPress repository and let us know what you think. (I want us to do more!)