Getting Rid Of The Post Holiday Blues & Getting Back To Work

Now that the holidays have come and gone quite quickly this year, it’s time for all of us to get back to work. While people with normal 9-5 jobs have no choice but to go to work, it’s tougher for freelancers, who could technically continue to take the days off, to get back into the swing of things.

I try to stay semi active during the holiday times, so that it’s a little bit easier for me to get back to full working, but even then I find it hard to muster the strength to walk into the office. So what are some things we can do to make it easier for us?

Do the little things

While starting a full site’s coding on the Monday after New Years may seem an impossible task, checking emails aren’t. I find that just by going through all the email I’ve¬†received¬†through the holidays is enough to get me in the mood to work. Often I’ll have a few clients requesting some small change to their sites that would take about five minutes to complete. One thing leads to another and pretty soon I’m working the whole day.

Check your RSS feeds, or delete the 3,000 feeds you know you won’t read. Just doing the small things is often enough to get the working ball rolling.

Work for a few hours

If your emails and feeds aren’t enough to get you in the work mood, try working for only a few hours the next couple days. It will be enough to stop you from getting behind, while at the same time not overloading your still-on-vacation mind.

This can also help to get you to working full days, as I know once I start working on one thing, I don’t like to stop until I’ve finished.

Take Monday to Catch Up

Instead of planning to work on client sites Monday, take Monday to catch up. Check your emails, your feeds, Twitter and whatever other social media you’re active in. Write some new blog posts and catch up on your client billing.

Also, now’s a good time to start organizing for tax season. While you’re doing that, organize your office and files. If you can’t pull yourself to coding today, at least spend part of the day being productive in office tasks.

Just Start

Often, just starting is the hardest part to accomplishing any task. Just try starting, even if you promise yourself you’ll only work for five minutes, you’ll most likely find yourself working a lot longer!

Your Turn

How do you find the motivation to start working after the holidays?