How to Partner with Others to Work on Your Freelancing Project

Eventually in the course of your freelancing career, or even in your personal work, you’ll come across a project that requires more than what you can do. There are several ways you can handle this, and most often, I’m happy enough to only do the part I can do and send the client somewhere else.

But sometimes if the project is one you’re really interested in, or one that has a large budget, it can be to your advantage to take on the entire thing. But if the project calls for a designer and you’re a developer, or vice-versa what do you do? This is the time where your involvement in the community comes in handy.

Partnering with other freelancers can be a challenge. You both have completely different ways of working and invoicing, and sometimes those different ways don’t mesh. I’d like to offer some tips and the best ways to find and get along with another person you have to depend on for a job well done.

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