Keeping Up with the Joneses of the Web

You’ve heard the saying “Keeping up with the Joneses,” right? It basically means that whenever your neighbor (or friend or family member) buys some new shiny toy, you have to buy one too. They have a bunch of big screen TVs, trucks and Sea-Doos, so you have to have them too.

But have you heard about Keeping up with the Joneses of the Web? Every day there seems to be some new cool trend out there than can be accomplished with CSS3, HTML5 or a bit of Photoshop trickery. Five minutes after one person accomplishes this, it seems that it somehow has made it on to everyone else’s site. You know, things like gradients and drop shadows were once just on one or two sites on the web.

Keeping up with the Joneses online is just as dangerous as it is offline. Yes, you may have something shiny and new, but does it really help your business? Does it hurt your customers? What do they think when they see on your site the same thing they’ve seen on 300 other portfolios?

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