Keeping Your Social Media Under Control

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet, but I’d thought I’d share this little tip. A lot of people wonder how I keep up writing on Twitter, facebook, Linkedin and sometimes myspace (just in case anyone is still on there). To be completely honest, I’m never really on any social networks, except maybe once a day. If you’re not careful, those networks can eat up a bunch of your time.

CC_Matt_Hamm_Social_MediaTwitter Rules Everything

Although 140 characters can seem limiting, it’s usually enough to get my point across. I use Twitter as a “middle-ground” to update all my social networks at once. After today, it will also automatically update my LinkedIn profile.

  • Facebook – To update your facebook profile automatically, you need to install the Application “Twitter” (the one with the blue box and twitter logo spelled out all over it, not the one with the twitter bird). After installation, click the box that says “allow twitter to update facebook”
  • Myspace – I don’t use Myspace anymore, but hey you never know, the 80’s came back once didn’t it? I like to keep it updated just in case anyone happens to find me on there. If you login to your myspace account and go to applications (pretty much the same as facebook) you can add the Twitter application to allow it to update your status automatically
  • LinkedIn I had to update this one manually, and therefor only did it once a day. However today they announced a partnership with Twitter, so in a few hours you should actually be able to hook up twitter and LinkedIn as well.


I use Tweetdeck to update my Twitter (it’s just one big long train from here). I also have my facebook and myspace accounts hooked to Tweetdeck, in case I want to post something on facebook, without posting it anywhere else (I tend to be more personal and less business like on facebook). I also use Tweetdeck to pull my full facebook feed, so I never have to actually visit the site to see people’s wall posts or make comments.

Why More Than One?

It seems some people prefer to connect with me on Twitter, some prefer facebook and others – LinkedIn. You’re really limiting yourself if you’re not on and active on all 3 medias. Although digg, Stumbleupon, Myspace, flickr and other social medias are popular as well; most potential clients and fellow freelancers are going to be on one of those top 3.

You need to be updating often, and connecting them all to one account makes that easy, as you no longer have to swim through the internet to update a million different networks. It’s important to stay connected – I’ve found plenty of clients this way and it’s also helped to keep me on top of web trends and new developments.

How do you manage your own social mediums?