Learning When to Refuse Your Community

Aside from your clients, your community is the second most important thing to have as a freelancer. The community includes your Twitter followers, blog commenters, Facebook fans, or any other website where you interact with fellow freelancers who often do something similar to what you do. This can also include your physical community like the business events or conferences you may attend.

To be seen as an expert in the community, it’s important to take the time to help others out. This can be done by helping them with issues, supporting one of their causes or just giving them some advice. People will remember that it was you who helped and will be more likely to return the favor and even to refer clients to you.

But what happens when the community asks for too much? When one person in the community is too demanding or rude? When your schedule is¬†genuinely¬†filled up? Sometimes you’ll find it necessary to decline the requests for help, and it isn’t always pretty.

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