Location Based Services

We’re normally told as freelancers that location doesn’t matter because we all work online anyways. Imagine my relief then, as when I first started freelancing, I lived in the middle of nowhere, 40 minutes outside of Nashville. But the advice was right, after my initial struggle with getting clients, I became so busy I was often scheduled up 2-3 months in advance. All of my clients were located around the US or in the UK. Sometimes even in other countries. In fact, it was quite rare that I ever got any local work at all.

So imagine my surprised, that when I moved to London, that completely changed! Simply by changing my location on my website and social media sites, work suddenly dropped off. I only started receiving working from places around the UK.

At first, I thought it must have been something I’d done. Had my quality of work been compromised? Was I not¬†accommodating enough¬†in my schedule (I’ve been focusing on a lot of conference speaking and writing a book).

And here’s the shocker – in advance of me announcing my plans of moving back to the US, I was so excited about the decision that I secretly changed my locations back to Nashville TN. Just one week later – my email and phone has blown up. I had a meeting with a new client every day last week.

What’s even more interesting than that – is that many of these clients are still UK based. But they thought I was in Nashville (as many thought I was having meetings way early in the morning!).

This makes me wonder what the perception of UK based freelancers are. Is there some reason UK clients are specifically looking for US freelancers? And why US clients don’t wan’t UK freelancers? Would love to hear your thoughts.