PodCamp Nashville 2010: The Place For Designers, Developers & Podcasters

Cadillac Ranch in Nashville TN, Home of PodCamp 2010

This past Saturday, I attended PodCamp Nashville at Cadillac Ranch and it was a blast! There were several great sessions for everything from using WordPress for everything to social media to podcasting, and I was able to capture several photos, interviews and video recorded some of the best sessions (all with my awesome iPhone I might add).

I really enjoyed meeting fellow developers and all the awesome local people who follow me on the blog and through twitter and facebook. It’s amazing how many people I knew on the web from around the world, and how little I knew about the own people in my city. Also, big thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers of the event, they do an awesome job (and the swag bags are awesome!).

So for those of you who were unable to attend PodCamp Nashville, please enjoy the wonderful goodies I’ve got for ya! 😉

The Session Videos

PodCamp Nashville Sessions

The sessions were packed, but I was able to get some GREAT video from two of my favorites.

The first session was “WordPress SEO” by Justin Briggs. He had several great tips that I’d never thought of (or heard before).

The second session is probably the best speech on usability I’ve ever heard.  “A User Experience Story” by Justin Davis is about three ways to make your website more efficient, more effective and more usable.

His example was based on eCommerce, but all of his ideas can be used for any type of site. I highly recommend you watch the whole thing!

Some Great Interviews From Local Freelancers

Mitch Canter of StudioNashvegas

The interview question was simple: What one piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to freelance?

The first interview, is from Mitch Canter of StudioNashvegas. Mitch specializes in WordPress design and is a pretty cool guy.

The next interview was from my favorite (and only) sponsor on this blog, Scott Baldridge. Scott specializes in ASP applications and all that crazy backend stuff. Let’s see what he had to say about freelancing.

Our third interview comes from Nicholas Young, an awesome guy with Ruby on Rails. I’m sad to say he’s leaving the freelance world after 6 years to pursue a career in Chicago with Mad Mimi, but he still has great advice for anyone wanting to freelance.

Photos from PodCamp