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Posted on 03/14/12 in blog, whateververse

Where do you see yourself in five years? Will you still be developing or designing? Will you work for a big name studio or freelance? Or will you be in another career all together?

I love developing on the web, but I’d also like to think I won’t be doing this forever – or at least doing exactly this. I’d love to get out in the world, study history, immerse myself in old things and whatnot. It’s tough finding a balance when you have so many things you love doing, it would be a huge blessing to figure out how to combine them all and be able to make a living from them. :)

Amber Weinberg specializes in clean and semantic HTML5, CSS3, responsive and WordPress development. She has over 15 years of coding experience and is super cool to work with. Amber is available for freelance work, so why not hire her for your next project?

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