Review of AdvancED CSS by Joseph Lewis

advanced cssI’ve been looking for an advanced book on CSS with information that I don’t already know. I picked up AdvancED CSS by Joseph Lewis (aff link) on one of my book shopping sprees (yes I’m a dork). While coding books normally scare me with their boring-ness andĀ irrelevance, AdvancED CSS was actually pretty interesting.

The book is 342 pages long and is based on pretty advanced code, covering everything from mobile & print CSS, to XML & RDFa formats, to CSS3 and everything in between. I don’t do much CSS outside of web styles, so the mobile section really interested me, as well as the CSS3 section. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

The content was pretty easy to follow along, although I did get lost in some parts about XML and RDFa, but they’re just not my thing. I really liked how the beginning of the book started off with the history of HTML and CSS, and how well the book followed along with and emphasized semantics and organized code.

The book also touched on optimization and CSS frameworks, so it really does cover a broad range of topics that aren’t meant for the beginner.

The Chapters

  • Markup Underpins CSS
  • CSS Fundamentals for Advanced Use
  • CSS-Generated Content
  • Optimizing for Print
  • Developing for Small Screens and the Mobile Web
  • Managing and Organizing Style Sheets
  • Semantic Patterns for Styling Common Design Components
  • Using a Style Sheet Library
  • Styling XML with CSS
  • Optimizing CSS for Performance
  • Exploring the Emergence of CSS3
  • The Future of CSS and The Web

Who is this book for?

This book is great for the advanced developer looking to brush up on their skills and learn what’s new in the world of CSS. The examples are pretty straightforward, however I will admit there were a few places and chapters I skipped and skimmed over (mostly the XML chapter, yuck!). I really love though, how they really don’t focus too much on web CSS, but made sure to devote a good chunk of the book to other medias. I’d really like to see this book updated with info on development for the iPad. (Their iPhone/Touch phone chapter was REALLY interesting).

Want to buy this book?

You can get this book from Amazon for $26.39. That’s a great deal considering Borders charged me $40 for it šŸ™

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