Review of Clientophilic Freelancing

Clientophilic Freelancing by Shoaib Hussain is a unique kind of freelance book. Instead of talking about business and marketing tactics, Clientophilic Freelancing  instead focuses on the way you interact with the client.

Basically, a clientophilic freelancer is one who interacts well with clients and easily attracts new ones.

This book goes into a bit of psychology with how people interact differently – visually, auditory or by feelings – and how to best speak with these clients.

The eBook is only 89 pages long and is a relatively quick, but informative read.

The tips are meant for in-person meetings, but most can be translated to the phone, IM or even email. Clientophilic Freelancing teaches you how to listen, emulate and talk to your potential clients in they way they prefer to be interacted with, therefor raising the chance that you’ll land the sale.

The cool thing about this book is that it contains several action steps and worksheets that you can use to practice these techniques and to make sure you understand the material.

Clientophilic Freelancing is a must-read if you want to learn how to interact with your clients better, especially if you lose a lot of sales.

You can find the eBook at FreelanceSchool for only $19.