Please Send Me To The UK For The Update 2011 Conference

Tonight I watched a video from FOWD featuring Aral Balkan. Normally, conference speakers really bore me, but there are a select few speakers out there that I really enjoy listening to, and Aral has now become one of them. He was able to take something so boring (the design of everyday things) and make it fun and easy to listen. I even loved his rare dirty joke and use of the f word. Most of his exclamations are quote worthy and will be joining my list of banters 😉

Aral is holding a conference called “Update” and will be featuring some of our favorite people like Sarah Parmenter and Jeremy Keith. It’s hosted in the UK and you get to have dinner in a PALACE. I’ve been dying to visit the UK and am a huge fan of the royal period! The only problem is that it’s pretty much only a month away on September 5th and we’re still broke from the wedding.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I donated some money to an online friend of mine, Tammy Hart, so she could could to WordCamp in Cali. Her donation drive was completely successful and well done, so I’d thought I’d give it try myself.

I’d be completely honored if you’d donate something to send me and my husband, Nikita, overseas to the Update conference.

How Much Am I Needing?

The conference itself costs $814 for two people with the royal dinner and plane tickets for both of us would be about $2200.

What would You get for donating?

  • $1-$19: A special mention on the blog.
  • $20-$50: The above&a mention on twitter.
  • $50-$99: The above & an hour’s worth of my personal time for training, advice, coding help, or whatever you’d like help on.
  • $100-$199: The above & a month’s free ad on the blog.
  • $200-$499: The above & $800 worth of coding time,
  • $500+: The above & $1500 worth of coding time to code a design of your choice.
[donation-can goal_id=”update-uk-conference”]

What happens if you don’t reach your goal?

All of your money WILL be refunded 100% and I will just have to wait till next year!

I VERY much appreciate all of your donations, and if you can pass this along to your friends, I’d appreciate as well. You guys are fantastic!