Smashing CSS by Eric Meyer

Smashing CSS is the first book I’ve read from Eric Meyer. After hearing so much about him though, I had high hopes his book would be awesome, and I wasn’t disappointed.

This book was pretty awesome, so much so, that I learned several new things in the first couple of chapters (and I thought I knew everything about CSS!). I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

The Basics

Smashing CSS is 304 pages of full colored pages printed on high quality paper. The book was a comfortable weight, although the print was a bit small, and was easy to read anywhere I went. The 304 pages were made up mostly of images, so it only took me a couple of hours to read the entire thing. However, it is choke full of very helpful information, so don’t think it’s just a picture book.

The Good

Within the first few pages, I learned about several selectors I never even knew or thought about! I was able to use them right away in my client projects, so that made the book even more enjoyable as I went along. The book starts out with some advanced selectors, then you move into fancy techniques, layout issues and more.

This book, while not a comprehensive review of CSS, is perfect for both advanced users and beginners. There’s something in there for everyone, even if you think (like I did) that you knew most of CSS. While I’ve been bored with other CSS books because I never learn anything new, this wasn’t the case with Smashing CSS. The book was easy to read and the pages and chapters flowed nicely.

The Bad

There wasn’t much of anything bad in this book, but more of an annoyance. Whoever did the editing did a poor job. I found tons of misspellings, grammar mistakes, missing image captions and even a messed up image itself (It was an image showing a normal state and the hover state – except they were both normal states.). The print was a bit small to get used to, and book sort of ended suddenly, without a goodbye or conclusion. But these were minor annoyances.

Other than that though, there was nothing at all wrong with the book.

Worth Buying?

Most definitely. You’d be missing out on a wealth of great information. This book is a must have for any front-end developer!

You can find Smashing CSS at Amazon for $26.29.