Some Great Freelancing News!

ks6016I’ll admit that it’s very hard to write blog articles every day. Some days seem to be tougher than others when I literally stare at the MacBook, hoping the post will write itself. It seems a bit more difficult for someone who doesn’t really sell any (or much) advertising on their blog and/or just starting out with only a few subscribers and less commenters.

I’ve always been told by seasoned bloggers to never give up. Keep blogging to find your voice, be personable, and after several successful posts; try pitching articles or be a guest writer on other blogs.

I pitched a few articles to FreelanceSwitch, but they didn’t bite. I’d thought about pitching the same articles to FreelanceFolder when I saw they posted an article about wanting to hire some writers for four articles a month! Long story short:

I got the job!

From now on, I’ll be writing one article a week for FreelanceFolder. I’ll still post the first paragraph on here with a link, so you won’t miss any of my super(not) awesome writing. Most of the articles here will probably focus more on development, but please, continuing asking me freelance questions or to see a certain post.

I had plan to start my “How to be a freelancer” series that one reader ask to see today, but I’m going to hold off to see if it will be a good fit on FreelanceFolder; if not I’ll go ahead and put it here.

Thanks guys for all your readership and support!