Super Hijinksified – Developer Starter Theme

A lot of people have been asking if I use a framework for WordPress. I use my own custom blankish framework that allows me to quickly get started on projects. It’s basically the core files, cleaned up, with all the nonsense divs removed, a basic structure and some basic CSS. Super Hijinksified now includes some responsive theming, commonly used WordPress functions, and ems.

Download from Github


Old Changelog Before Github

Features in V 2.6

  • Cleaned up CSS
  • Removed extra HTML
  • Indented head elements for easier reading
  • Added sample custom post types w/ sample custom taxonomies applied

Features in V 2.5

  • Removed Timthumb
  • Added Post Thumbnails
  • Cleaned up CSS

Features in V 2.4

  • Fixed error in search.php template
  • Cleaned up comments.php code

Features in V 2.3

  • Added comments template into single.php
  • Cleaned up/shortened CSS reset

Features in V 2.2

  • Basic Comments Styling (Avoids the ugly stock styling)
  • Alphabetical ordering of declarations in CSS

Features in V 2.1

  • Removal of container div – now harnessing HTML/Body tags as container & cleaner code!
  • Shortening of CSS Reset
  • Added more elements to CSS

Features in V 2.0

  • HTML5 compliant!
  • HTML5 header components
  • Cleaned up code
  • Removal of some branded areas
  • Timthumb support
  • WordPress 3 menu support (functions file)

Features in V 1.1

  • Bug Fix – PHP errors in Search template

Features in V 1.0

  • XHTML 1.0 compliant
  • CSS Reset
  • Stripped Loops, Divs
  • Custom search form w/ javascript text remove on click
  • Built-in functions: Multiple excerpt lengths, excerpt removed […], sidebar