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New Site Launch!

Welcome to the new design of AmberWeinberg.com! It’s been well over 5 years since the previous version, so it was definitely due for an upgrade. THE DESIGN I absolutely love typography, and wanted something with BIG type. I’m also constantly battling between minimalism and my love of bright, happy colors. I find this design to be a fantastic compromise between...

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CSS3 Content Rollover Animations

I’ve recently had a few different clients request some snazzy rollover animations. Basically an image with a title at the bottom, that on rollover moves to the top of the image with a bit of content below. Not one to make things jerky and plain – I decided to jazz this up with smooth animations and fading content – and...

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Perks of Having A Side Project

This past three weeks have seen me working hard on my new project, Skeinly. While it has nothing to do with our web industry (besides being a web app itself), it’s pushing me far forward in terms of skill and knowledge. So far I’ve had to sit down and write up business plans and ideas, draw UI wireframes, help the...

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Responsive Design Isn't Breakpoints

Last night I was watching the Macaw video to see what others have been talking about. If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m not a fan of anything that supposedly does your job for you, so I admittedly watched the video with a high degree of skepticism. This isn’t a post about Macaw or design to code apps,...

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Procrastiworking by Jessica Hische at New Adventures

New Adventures was a fantastic conference, but my favourite talk of all was Jessica’s – who had come “dressed as the internet” in her crazy leggings with photos of cats all over them…seriously! The subject of her talk was called Procrastiworking – which is a word she coined for the work you do (or feeling like doing) while putting off...

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Secret Sneak Peak of an Admin

Being married to one of the lead programmers of CoreCommerce means I get to see what’s coming before everyone else. I admit I stopped using their software a year or so back in favour of WooCommerce and WordPress, but they’re still great for sites that need to have a full eCommerce solution. A big reason of why I stopped using the...

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20 Mobile UI Tips For Developers

My talk from HandHeld 2012. I’ll be writing a conference review for Ubelly in the next day or so. Slide Intro Slide Let’s say your boss comes to you one day and wants you to code a new site that will work across all browsers and devices. “No Problem” you say, because you love responsive design. Slide BUT the designer...

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Insites: The Book

Reasons To Be Creative & dConstruct 2012

Two awesome conferences. One week. One tired speaker, y’all. Brighton is one of my favourite places to be, so I relished in the opportunity to be able to speak at Reasons to be Creative and attend dContruct all in the same week. Both were wildly different conferences, but both were fantastic! Reasons to be Creative Sunday night was the speaker...

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Design In Real Life

We don’t often think about the design of things until it fails in some way. While we may be pleasantly surprised at good design, design in general  often goes unnoticed altogether – we don’t normally care what something looks like as long as it works. It’s when we’re stuck in a train that’s set to divide in half at the...

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