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Contribute Fridays: What Do You Do?

Extending yesterday’s post about specializing, what services do you offer your clients? image by ASurroca

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How to Find Your Freelance Specialty

There have been several debates on whether or not you should specialize your services. It’s almost as heated as a debate as whether or not you should charge hourly or project rates. However, I firmly believe that specializing my services and clientele was what really allowed my own business to take off and succeed. Read the rest of my post on FreelanceFolder »

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41 Questions To Ask Before You Start A Web Project

I first met Justin Davis of Madera Labs at PodCamp Nashville back in March. His session on user experience (2nd video down) was probably the most entertaining talk I’ve ever seen at a conference. So it was with pleasure that when he announced his eBook, I was able to get(beg for) an advanced copy in order to review for you...

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Contribute Fridays: How Do You Relax?

How do you relax after a long day of coding, designing or writing? What are some of the activities you like to do? image by nattu

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The Worst Freelance Project Ever

A lot of us complain about our clients. They’re too demanding, too nitpicky, late with materials or late with payments. Thankfully, the majority of our clients and projects tend to go pretty smoothly, otherwise none of us would want to be in business anymore! Every once in awhile we come across one of those nightmare clients you read about online and...

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What's The Point Of Being An Internet Bully?

I remember the day clearly – I was in middle school gym class and the “popular girls” decided they were tired of playing touch football and wanted to sit out on the field. Now it was a hot day, so I decided to sit out as well. Turns out, only they could sit down and no one else. If anyone...

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Contribute Fridays: What are you working on today?

It’s a holiday weekend so you should take it easy today! I’m going to be working on my business – both AmberWeinberg.com and CodeSnipp.it. Doing some code updates, some promotional stuff, etc etc. What are you working on? huh, huh? 😉

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A Guide to Creating Your Own Projects

Client work is great, but it’s not always the kind of work you really enjoy. While you can pick and choose your clients and projects, client projects are never really as exciting as creating your own. There are several benefits to doing your own projects: Make some extra money Create something awesome for your portfolio that a client hasn’t butchered Learn...

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How To Write Effective Quotes For Clients

A common question I get from both seasoned freelancers and beginners is how to go about writing quotes. Now, most of you know I recommend charging by the project for several reasons, the biggest being that the better you get at what you do, the more you screw yourself by charging hourly. So many of you have wondered, if you...

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Learning How To Freelance Without Clients

For some reason, even though I’ve been in the development world for over ten years, I’d never thought about making my own apps. It seemed to me that web and app development were two completely different things. That was until I started listening to a bunch of podcasts that mentioned app development and read some books by 37signals. Several months and long...

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