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What A Potential Client Doesn't Know CAN Hurt You

Many potential clients out there don’t know a thing about the web or about marketing in it. They may know they have a good product, but they don’t know how to get that across to their target audiences. I’ve found that the less a client knows about the web, the harder it is to sell them what they need. Think...

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Freelance Productivity Killers & How To Avoid Them

Ah what can be better than working from the comfort of your own office and your own computer right? You wake up in the morning with a nice cup of coffee and ready to take on a day of web work – that it until your phone rings off the hook, you’ve got 300 emails, 30 IMs, your mom is...

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When A Potential Client Asks You To Freelance…For Free?

If you’ve been freelancing longer than five minutes, you’ve run into a million of these types of potential clients. They’re the kind who start off so excited to tell you their business idea. They talk about what kind of website they’re absolutely dreaming of – a custom design, CMS, shopping cart, flash banner, 5 tiered login system, etc etc. And...

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Contribute Fridays: What Do You Enjoy Most About Freelancing?

Since it’s Friday and Fridays are awesome, let’s make a tradition. Every Friday I’m going to open up the blog post for all of us to answer a set question with your 5 best answers. Ready? Let’s go!

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Business of the Web Part 3 : What does valid code mean to me?

As coding is my specialty, the last post of this series hits close to home. Many clients and non-developers can often see that a website looks bad graphically, but  (unless broken) they can not see how bad a website looks behind the scenes. I’m talking about HTML and CSS. These things are the skeleton and life blood of your site....

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Business of the Web Part 2 : Why Should You Care About Design?

Why indeed? This is probably the hardest question I have come across. Why is design important? Many clients mistakenly think that because they have a great product or service to offer, their target audience will recognize this and come flocking to buy. Of course designers know this is hardly ever true, yet we struggle to explain this in non-technical and...

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Business of the Web Part 1 : $10 an hour vs. $100 an hour rates

One of the questions that many clients ask me is: Why should I pay $100 an hour for Studio A when Studio B is offering the same for $10 an hour? While this may seem like an obvious answer for those of us in the industry, it’s a good question and an equally hard one to answer.

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