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Fun Flexbox Grid

Just something quick I whipped up for a client and thought I’d share! This pen uses multiple Flexbox containers, plus a bit of vh (viewport height unit) for the large box. See the Pen Fun Flexbox Grid by Amber Weinberg (@amberweinberg) on CodePen.

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Working With A UX Developer

I’ve long since noticed that the way I approach development is completely different than most other developers. While I always aim to get the final product as close to the design mockups as possible, a lot of clients are often surprised at how well I do that (I thought that was the¬†basic job of a front-end dev!)¬† and that they...

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CSS3 Content Rollover Animations

I’ve recently had a few different clients request some snazzy rollover animations. Basically an image with a title at the bottom, that on rollover moves to the top of the image with a bit of content below. Not one to make things jerky and plain – I decided to jazz this up with smooth animations and fading content – and...

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Super Hijinksified – Developer Starter Theme

A lot of people have been asking if I use a framework for WordPress. I use my own custom blankish framework that allows me to quickly get started on projects. It’s basically the core files, cleaned up, with all the nonsense divs removed, a basic structure and some basic CSS. Super Hijinksified now includes some responsive theming, commonly used WordPress...

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What Being Responsive Really Means

When a new client asks for a responsive site, I always ask them what they mean by “responsive”. Many are still unsure of what this means, and often end up quoting back a lot of industry buzzwords they’ve heard a long the way, usually to do with some kind of framework or jQuery plugin. What a lot of clients don’t...

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Code Progressions from Large Websites

This year has been a busy one for me in terms of changing the way I code everyday. While I try not to jump on bandwagons or use the latest ‘techniques’ or plugins, of course it’s necessary to constantly both keep up with what’s new in our industry, as well as to try and improve our code. I’ve been coding...

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Do Semantics Really Matter?

Ever since I started seriously coding, good coding practices, semantics and validation have all been very important to me. Having well-written code that’s also organized reduces bugs and future headaches when you need to update the site months or years along the line. But every thing in moderation is just as important. I’ve read countless blog posts about how we’ll...

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Responsive Design Isn't Breakpoints

Last night I was watching the Macaw video to see what others have been talking about. If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m not a fan of anything that supposedly does your job for you, so I admittedly watched the video with a high degree of skepticism. This isn’t a post about Macaw or design to code apps,...

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Just Plain Ol' Code

There was once upon a time when being a front-end developer was considered easy. In fact, there once were no designations on the web. When you made websites, you did everything from the design to the code. There were no CMS’s, no fancy Javascript, heck there wasn’t even much CSS. You designed something in Paint Shop Pro and exported it...

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Hello, Emmett.

It’s true what they say about old dogs and new tricks. I have to admit I’m not the most embracing when it comes to trying out new ways to code. However I quickly fell in love with one Emmett (aka Zen Coding) as soon as I saw their intro video on their website. Before I go one with the review,...

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