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HTML, XHTML & CSS For Dummies – An Interview & A Giveaway

When I first decided that I wanted to learn HTML, there was no Google, no Wikipedia or really anything on the internet. The most popular search engine at the time was Hotbot (at least I think that’s what it was called) and animated gifs, tables and frames where all the rage. Therefor, there really was no way online to learn...

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How One Ecommerce Company Got Started (Interview)

Many freelancers start their one person business with the idea that someday they’d like to expand and become something more. Some freelancers go on to start a full design agency, while others prefer to make their own products to sell to clients. I’ve know the company SumEffect software for over a year now and they make an awesome product called CoreCommerce....

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Interview With Francisco of Finch

I’d like to welcome Francisco as my first interviewee on the blog! Many of you know him as Finch or the guy with the big logo. But who is he really? I was able to get him to stop working for a few minutes in order to answer some questions and let us in to some of his juicy secrets....

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