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Review of the Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7

I’ve been a fan girl of Apple’s now since before college. My first ever Apple product was a Powerbook and I was one of the first in line to get the first iPhone. Through the years, I’ve stuck with the iPhone through the release of Android, Blackberries and now, the Windows Phone. Thanks to the lovely people at Microsoft Ubelly...

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Problems in Mobile Development

Last week I was supposed to be giving this talk at iOSDevUK, but unfortunately I had to cancel it because I was sick. So I thought I’d post my notes here for you guys to read and go through. This talk is slightly different from the version I used at previous conferences, as I decided to update and revise it....

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Update 2011 Conference Recap

I spent last week in beautiful England attending the Update 2011 Conference, thanks to all of your awesome donations last month. I wanted to make sure that I jotted as many notes and photos as possible for those of you who were unable to make the conference. The conference, put on by Aral Balkan, was fantastic. I finally got to...

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Think Vitamin Membership Review–Great Way to Expand Your Web Knowledge

I’ve been investing a lot of my time lately on learning new things. I prefer to stay a front-end developer, but I’ve always wanted to play in different languages and keep up to date with design trends. Following long how-to books really isn’t my thing, as I usually end up falling asleep before the first chapter ends. I’ve never been...

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Hardboiled Web Design by Andy Clarke

Hardboiled and me have a not so nice history. I first ordered Hardboiled Web Design way back in October I think, it was supposed to ship right after Thanksgiving, but due to the insane amount of snow the UK got, it was delayed until the first week or two of December. That was ok though, it was promised to be...

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Validation Is Still Relevant

I was listening to a Sitepoint podcast when they started talking about whether they still validate their HTML or not. This being my expertise, I quickly perked up my ears to listen to what the “experts” were saying. And I was disappointed. Perhaps the guys who take care of the podcast aren’t coders, or aren’t front-end developers, and if that’s...

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Learning A New Coding Language

Learning a new coding language can be difficult, especially if you’re looking past basic web development and getting into back-end languages. Most of you know that I’ve been working on learning Objective-C for the iPhone since early summer, which is the first serious language I’ve learned since CSS several years ago (unless you count a bit of PHP and learning...

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XHTML & CSS For Mobile Development

If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, you’ve probably heard me talk about the mobile site I’ve been developing for Amazon Audible. The mobile site consists of over 50 mockups that needed to be developed in HTML/CSS and made to work for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry. While coding simple HTML/CSS mockups sounded pretty easy, I found that...

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Getting Starting With The iPhone SDK

This article is a general overview of making iPhone apps using the iPhone software development kit (SDK). In order to start making your own iPhone apps, you’ll need to sign up for a free Apple Developer account and download the iPhone SDK. What’s the iPhone SDK? Apple has bundled a ton of great resources into a mega 2GB download that contains help...

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