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Front-End Tooling: Do or (you won't) Die.

*Note this is not a personal attack on Ashley, but my thoughts on where I see our industry and reliance on tools going. Also it’s 4am while I’m writing this (during insomnia), so forgive me if I’m not making much sense. TL;DR Read about everything. Learn selectively. I just finished reading Ashley Nolan‘s fantastic ‘State of Front-End Tooling’ survey (which I took...

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Fun With Google Maps API

For my latest personal project, I decided to combine my love of travel with my need to dive deeper into the Google Maps API. I’ve done a lot of work with the API, but usually just the basics of changing the maps styles and visuals. This time, I wanted to learn the ability to create paths from pin to pin,...

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Replacing JS Functionality with CSS Properties

One of the things that excites me most about the newest features of CSS, is the ability to replace a lot of the JS I’ve been using. While I’m not hating on Javascript (or jQuery, which is what I use), there’s no argument that script languages come with a lot of potential issues. There’s more overhead involved, more files to...

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Integrating SVG Maps with WordPress & Advanced Custom Fields Pro

Sometimes clients are in need of fancy interactive maps that allow them to change data frequently. A client of mine recently came to me asking for a map that would allow custom colors and pins, as well as the ability to update the data monthly. Most maps are a *pain* when it comes to updating data – which is why...

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Using JS to Hide Site Until Loaded

I recently needed to hide the entire site until everything was loaded and ready, due to using a scroll loading script, which was making the content flash before it was ready to fire. I made a super easy way to do this, using CSS opacity, a tiny bit of JS and a non-JS fallback for usability. In your CSS: body...

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Quick Sticky Headers with jQuery

I had to write a quick little script for sticking my header to the top of the viewport after the user scrolled past it in the document. It was originally about 200px down the document, and then as soon as it hit the top of the viewport, it sticks permanently. It’s quite an easy thing to do: $(window).scroll(function() { var...

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Animations on Scroll with CSS3 & JS

I’ve been working on a really cool site that requires a lot of custom animations on a one page smooth scrolling site. Being the CSS lover I am, most of these are done via CSS3, however they wanted certain panels to have text fade in or slide over when the user scrolled down to it. Nikita and I sat down...

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Faux Parallax, Box-Sizing, the Browser Edge and a Bit of Javascript

For the past week and a half, I’ve been working on a site for a client of mine. It’s a very detailed design, along with several small detailed pieces of functionality – which means it took me forever to code just the homepage. However, I was quite surprised at how proud I was when I finally finished it – the...

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January's 12412: Researching LESS & SASS

My first 12412 project was to research and learn about SASS. After the recommendation from several people, I also decided to check into LESS. I’d been hearing a lot about the two techniques and was quite skeptical – in fact it seems I’m often skeptical of new things out on the web. Most frameworks, shims and other “add-on”s are only...

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