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Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us By Seth Godin

Tribes is the second book I’ve read by Seth Godin. Purple Cow was a pretty awesome read, so when several people recommended this book to me, I picked it up eagerly. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. While it did contain some great thoughts, none of it was really new. Seth Godin is supposed to be some...

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The Power Of The New Crowdsource? The Evolution Of Online Help

Crowdsourcing as we know it today is a terrible thing. It basically boils down to clients asking several, even hundreds of freelancers, to provide spec work in the hopes of getting their product chosen and getting paid. No other industry I can think of does this, and is something that plagues the professional freelancers, as their work becomes devalued, especially...

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Are There Too Many Freelancers?

Finding freelance work can be tough, especially if you’re just starting out or not too well known in the community. A lot of people try to find some clients for a few weeks and when they can’t, they give up and think that there’s just too much competition for jobs out there today. But is there? If you’re looking for...

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6 Ways to Increase Your Visibility on Twitter

I’ve found that one of the fastest ways of getting your name out there is to use Twitter. Without it, I think I’d still be struggling to find work and other freelancers who I’ve come to depend on for sharing work. I know some of you are still skeptics as to how social media can do anything for your business....

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Finding Your First Clients

Once you become better known in your profession, clients will constantly come to you instead of you looking for them. You’ll often be so busy with work and won’t need to market yourself as often. But, what do you do when you’re just starting out or not well known? Before you begin getting clients, it can be tough to figure...

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IdeaSelling: Successfully Pitching Your Creative Ideas

IdeaSelling by Sam Harrison is an interesting short read read on how to pitch your ideas to clients and how to make a sale.  The book contains many quotes, ideas and quick worksheets in order to gain the confidence to approach a client and make a successful sale. I wasn’t into the book very much at first. The layout of...

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35 Books All Freelance Web Developers Should Read

If you follow me on Goodreads, you know that I absolutely love to read. I’ve always been a big reader, but since I’ve become a freelance I’ve made sure to read even more than usual, in the field of business, development and the web in general. Reading is essential to any developer’s improvement. While blogs and magazines are great to read for a quick...

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How to Find Your Freelance Specialty

There have been several debates on whether or not you should specialize your services. It’s almost as heated as a debate as whether or not you should charge hourly or project rates. However, I firmly believe that specializing my services and clientele was what really allowed my own business to take off and succeed. Read the rest of my post on FreelanceFolder »

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Starting Your Own Apps: Getting Help

Starting your own app or personal project is super cool. You get to do what you want and how you want to without having to worry about those dreaded client revisions. Working on your own apps give you a reason to wake up early in the morning and to continue coding long after it’s quitting time. One thing you’ll run...

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Five Lessons I Learned From The BizBreak Contest

For the past two and a half months, I’ve been participating in the BizBreak App contest. While I ultimately came out in 3rd place (darnit), it was a lot of fun to participate in and I ended up learning a lot of surprising things. Participating in these contests can not only be a lot of fun, they can also bring...

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