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How to Stop Working, Avoiding Burnout & Other 2015 Musings

I want to talk about several things in this post. About the rough year I’ve had. About being dead slow in work and then over-scheduled. About being burnt out, stressed out and learning how to stop working. I’ve been in business for over five years now, and this has been one of the hardest years I’ve ever had. Except for when...

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Organising Life in Lists

I’m a bit OCD when it comes to organisation – I like to make sure I know what I’m doing and what needs to be done – so it’s natural for me to love making lists. Unfortunately though, I can’t seem to get my lists organised, or at least in one happy place. Here’s my typical setup. Daily To-Do List:...

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The Death of a Freelancer

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll notice that I’ve been talking about redoing the way I run my business for a long time. I feel like that time has finally come, especially as things have gotten much more complicated since I moved to London. I’ve been freelancing for well over two years now and over the years I’ve continued...

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The (Dis)Advantages of Working From Home

Being a freelancer means you often have complete freedom on where to work. However, we tend to stay at home and work from our beds, dining room tables, a corner in our room, or if we’re lucky enough, a whole room dedicated as an office. What we mostly do not do, is leave our home to work in a separate...

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12412 – Experience and Learn 12 New Web Technologies in 12 Months

I stumbled across 12412.org when looking at Paul Davis’s work. Consisting of three developers including Paul, Anthony Killeen, and Stephen Fulljames, 12412 aims to log their activities throughout 2012 as they choose a new technology or technique every month to learn and play with. I thought this was a fantastic idea. I’ve had an insanely busy 2011 and haven’t spent...

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An Optimized Development Workflow

I’ve been working on the Macbook Air for about a week now and I must say, besides a few speed issues (which I’m pretty sure is due to a faulty Time Capsule), I’m really loving the swap. I’ve got an external monitor set up as the main monitor and I use the 13″ Air monitor as my secondary. I’m constantly...

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25 Easy Ways to Fine Tune Your Freelancing Business

One of the things about freelancing that’s both helpful and harmful, is that once you get the business going, it pretty much runs itself. Once you’ve gone over that first hump of finding those first few clients, if you provide great service and work, you often don’t even need to advertise or look for clients much. While this is great...

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10 Home Office Time Savers

Working from home is one of my favorite things about being a freelancer. However, it can end up being a distraction if you’re not careful. There have been plenty of times that the whole day has gone by before I even got started working–simply because I decided to play around the house or on the internet. While it’s okay to do...

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What to Do When You Have too Much Work

We all strive to be there–we want to have so much work we never really have to advertise or cold call or do much marketing ever again. We want enough clients so that we can pick and choose the best ones with the best projects. But what happens when you actually make it there? Personally, I have a tendency to overschedule...

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How to Partner with Others to Work on Your Freelancing Project

Eventually in the course of your freelancing career, or even in your personal work, you’ll come across a project that requires more than what you can do. There are several ways you can handle this, and most often, I’m happy enough to only do the part I can do and send the client somewhere else. But sometimes if the project...

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