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Front-End Tooling: Do or (you won't) Die.

*Note this is not a personal attack on Ashley, but my thoughts on where I see our industry and reliance on tools going. Also it’s 4am while I’m writing this (during insomnia), so forgive me if I’m not making much sense. TL;DR Read about everything. Learn selectively. I just finished reading Ashley Nolan‘s fantastic ‘State of Front-End Tooling’ survey (which I took...

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Content Issues in Blogs

Regardless of what others might say about RSS, I still prefer to subscribe to my favorite blogs this way. While I’m sometimes follow them on other social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, oftentimes they don’t announce new posts, or they get lost in the clutter. RSS is the only way I can stay on top of my favorite blogs....

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Mental Health in an Online Industry

*forgive me if this article bounces around a bit – I’m writing as I’m thinking and very passionate today!* So I just finished listening to the latest three episodes of Unfinished Business, which mention a lot on mental health. Both Paul Boag and Andrew Clarke have talked frequently about their fights with depression. I’ve always found it interesting that our...

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The Disappointing Surprise From Apple

I used to be what you’d call an Apple fan girl. Back in college, I’d skip class just to watch the live feed of our Dear Jobs announce the newest and coolest. Of course, as I’ve gotten older (and wiser with money) I’ve started moving away towards the trend of buying the newest Apple stuff. I still have a first...

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Women In Tech

Forgive me, for this post is going to be really discombobulated and probably piss you off..  Women in tech. I really, really, really hate that phrase. Yes, I’m a woman. Yes, I think it’s important for anyone and everyone to be able to do what they want to do without having to worry about been oogled all the the time....

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Overpriced Developer Conferences

Yesterday I attended and spoke at the Sourc{ conference in southern London. I did it completely free of charge, because I’d only had one other conference under my belt and have been wanting to get some more experience. I enjoyed being able to hang out with Remy Sharp, Paul Davis and my new best buddy, Kat Thompson. I even meet...

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This Industry Is Full of Crap

Forgive me for my harsh tone of voice today, I’ve had a rough week dealing with a stupid site with stupid code (my own). My mood became worse when I read my Twitter feed at the end of the day – to realize that our industry is simple, and utterly full of crap. I fully realize that by calling it...

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Why RFPs Are Never Good

I just received my first RFP (request for proposal) from a client today in over two years of being self-employed. Now, I had always heard that these things were mostly junk and you should never pay them any attention, or work with a client who demanded you filled one out, but I never knew why. Now I do. Let’s take...

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The Complainers, The Doers and The Ones That Succeed

I’m by no means perfect when it comes to business – who is? But I like to think I spend a lot of time trying to improve myself. Although I may or may not make the new big “thing” in the online world, I like to learn from those that have and apply them to my daily business ventures. I’ve...

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How To Not Be An Annoying Designer

I’ve made it my business for the past two years to work only with designers and their agencies. I also come from a college background of design, which is a benefit when working in front-end development, as I still have an eye to make sure every pixel is in its place. This also gives me the opportunity to see behind...

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