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Learning Ruby on Rails with CodeSchool

For the past month, I’ve been taking some courses with CodeSchool to learn both regular Ruby and Ruby on Rails. It seems today it’s the cool language to learn, and I keep hearing from everyone how awesome it is, so I thought I’d take a stab at it. Today I just finished the Rails for Zombies 2 course and started...

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Secret Sneak Peak of an Admin

Being married to one of the lead programmers of CoreCommerce means I get to see what’s coming before everyone else. I admit I stopped using their software a year or so back in favour of WooCommerce and WordPress, but they’re still great for sites that need to have a full eCommerce solution. A big reason of why I stopped using the...

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Review of the Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7

I’ve been a fan girl of Apple’s now since before college. My first ever Apple product was a Powerbook and I was one of the first in line to get the first iPhone. Through the years, I’ve stuck with the iPhone through the release of Android, Blackberries and now, the Windows Phone. Thanks to the lovely people at Microsoft Ubelly...

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Hello, Emmett.

It’s true what they say about old dogs and new tricks. I have to admit I’m not the most embracing when it comes to trying out new ways to code. However I quickly fell in love with one Emmett (aka Zen Coding) as soon as I saw their intro video on their website. Before I go one with the review,...

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Made By Oomph!

Sometimes having friends on Twitter can really have it benefits, especially when they have awesome connections. Such was the case when I commented on Paul Maloney‘s awesome looking new plastic business cards. Turns out, the business cards were created by Oomph!, a company that prints all sorts of awesome plastic cards and they were looking for some nice promotors. Truth...

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Insites: The Book

Reasons To Be Creative & dConstruct 2012

Two awesome conferences. One week. One tired speaker, y’all. Brighton is one of my favourite places to be, so I relished in the opportunity to be able to speak at Reasons to be Creative and attend dContruct all in the same week. Both were wildly different conferences, but both were fantastic! Reasons to be Creative Sunday night was the speaker...

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Shopify: a Review, a Workshop and a Friend

In my endless pursuit of finding the perfect eCommerce platform (much like my endless pursuit of the perfect jQuery carousel – finally solved btw), I’ve been testing out different eCommerce platforms with each new project that’s needed some sort of checkout functionality. I hate eCommerce. It’s always such a pain to customise and get the client’s designs working and looking...

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Review of Panic's Coda 2

I couldn’t sleep thanks to a lovely ear infection, so I thought I’d go ahead and download Coda 2 at 1:45am, before the majority of you geeks. I’ve always been a huge Coda fan, but this version takes the cake. Here are my thoughts….. Layout Upon opening the app for the first time, and after sniffing that new app smell,...

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Good Developer Conferences

Last week I wrote about overpriced conferences, so this week I thought I’d write about the other side of the coin. I’m sitting on a train in Brighton that was supposed to be in London by now, but am happy as a peach. I’ve just come from a fantastic conference, Points Brighton, that I was asked to speak at last minute...

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