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State of a Developer's Worklife

As a developer, I’m always looking for ways to improve my processes for coding and running the business. I’m also a bit obsessed with organizing things – be they physical or digital. Things are constantly changing around here – although it seems that some of the apps, processes and equipment I use never do change, which I take to be...

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The Death of a Freelancer

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll notice that I’ve been talking about redoing the way I run my business for a long time. I feel like that time has finally come, especially as things have gotten much more complicated since I moved to London. I’ve been freelancing for well over two years now and over the years I’ve continued...

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25 Easy Ways to Fine Tune Your Freelancing Business

One of the things about freelancing that’s both helpful and harmful, is that once you get the business going, it pretty much runs itself. Once you’ve gone over that first hump of finding those first few clients, if you provide great service and work, you often don’t even need to advertise or look for clients much. While this is great...

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What to Do When You Have too Much Work

We all strive to be there–we want to have so much work we never really have to advertise or cold call or do much marketing ever again. We want enough clients so that we can pick and choose the best ones with the best projects. But what happens when you actually make it there? Personally, I have a tendency to overschedule...

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Managing Your Client Schedule

Having lots of clients is the goal for any freelancer who’s serious about business. The money is always flowing, your clients are happy and you’re working hard to maintain your reputation. The problem though, is the fact you haven’t seen the outside of your office for weeks, you dream about the next email you’re going to send to your clients,...

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Stop Whining & Get To Work

I love the work I do every day. Heck, I don’t think I could work 16 hours a day if I didn’t love what I do. But as with everything in life, there are times that I would rather be doing something else, especially on the weekends. Most weekends I can take off, but then there are weekends like this...

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Working on Your Business, Not Just in It

When you’re a freelancer, you often find yourself doing several jobs. You may design, develop, write, manage, bill, consult and answer the phone. Unfortunately, while we’re busy taking care of all these roles in the day-to-day management of our business, we forget to step back and take a look at the long term. Working on the business may not seem important...

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