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How To Build A WordPress CMS Theme – Part 4: Coding The Header

Whew, we’ve made it to the good stuff! It’s now time to code a real website! If you’re just joining us in this series, I really recommend you start at the beginning, otherwise you might get lost. Here’s where we’ve been so far: PART 1: Theme Basics PART 2: Let’s Get Started PART 3: Built In Functions The theme we’ll...

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How To Build A WordPress CMS Theme – Part 3: Built In Functions

In Part 1: Theme Basics, we learned what composed a theme and how to get it working inside of WordPress. In Part 2: Let’s Get Started, we looked at using starter themes and the basic header and footer files. Now it’s time to get a bit more technical. In today’s post, we’re going to learn about some of the most...

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How To Build A WordPress CMS Theme – Part 2: Let's Get Started

Last time in Part 1: Theme Basics we learned the very basics of what WordPress themes are, what files they include and how to put them together. This time, we’ll learn how to get started with your very own themes. Chapter 4: Adding The Theme To WordPress The first thing you should probably do before you start coding is to...

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How To Build A WordPress CMS Theme – Part 1: Theme Basics

I’ve had several requests lately for books, blogs and how-tos on how to build a WordPress theme, specifically one that has no blog or is mainly needed for a large multi-sectioned website. I love WordPress, and although I hate writing tutorials, especially really really long ones, I thought this would be a great opportunity to not only help WordPress beginners...

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AppSumo's Digging Into WordPress $15 Deal + Giveaway

For today only, AppSumo is giving away copies of the new version of Digging Into WordPress by Chris Coyier for only 15!! If you don’t remember, I reviewed the first version of the book over a year ago. It’s still one of the best books I know of for WordPress development. What’s new in version 3? A whole new section...

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Review of the Social Signup Plugin

A few weeks ago, the creators of the Social Signup Plugin contacted me about doing a review of their plugin. While I don’t normally do review requests, the plugin actually sounded like something one of my clients needed, so I decided to check it out. From their website, they describe their plugin as: We decided to make the Social Signup...

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Which Content Management System Should You Focus On?

The web is a fantastic place filled with everything anyone could ever want. The problem becomes though, is that there can be too much to choose from and we often suffer from choice paralysis–where we freeze up and are unable to choose anything at all. Choice is not something lacking in the development world either and because of this, it’s...

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Working With WordPress 3.0's Custom Post Types

Just last week I finally got the chance to try the new custom post types that came with WordPress 3. For some reason, I never thought about using them because I was so used to using custom fields for everything. After setting up some pre-made templates for a few clients that used custom post types, I decided to check it...

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Becoming A Better Developer For 2011

It’s time for the New Year to begin so we all know what that means – an excuse to learn and become something better than we already are1 For the holiday months, I’ve spent a ton of time learning, reading and trying out new coding techniques to find out what works best. Every site I code, I always try to...

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Beginning WordPress Development: A Look At Common Functions

WordPress is both my favorite blog and CMS platform ever created. It’s easy to use and customize, and there’s basically nothing that can’t be done in it. If you don’t have a copy of WordPress, you can download the latest version here in order to follow along with this tutorial. One of my favorite things about WordPress, is the built...

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