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Easy WordPress DropDown Menus

I’ve always been a huge fan of WordPress because they make everything so easy for developers. The dropdown menu is no exception. By using WordPress’s standard wp_list_pages or WordPress 3’s wp_nav_menu menu functions, we can easily create different kinds of dropdowns for our clients. Today I’d like for us to take a look at two popular types of dropdowns: one...

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Learning From Developer Celebrity Drama

I used to think that we developers were less vain about things. We don’t watch the soaps, buy the shady drama magazines in the checkout line, or generally care what the celebrities are up to – until recently that is. I realized that we do care what the celebrities are up to, just not the ones in Hollywood. You see,...

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Review of The Client Machine WordPress Theme

* Disclaimer: I’m a regular writer for FreelanceFolder, but have done my best to view this theme objectively and let know you of all the pros and cons. The Client Machine is a new theme from FreelanceFolder with a ton of features meant for the beginning freelancer. It incorporates a clean and professional portfolio site design, a backend area to...

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Contribute Fridays: Web Platforms

Which web platform do you prefer to use and why? My choice is obviously…WordPress!

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The Difference Between $150 and $700

I’ve always been curious as to how much money those cheap PSD to XHTML companies make. It seems impossible that they make a ton of money by only charging $150 per site, plus I’ve noticed that they always take out big ads on large blog sites that charge over $600 a month per ad. This also leads me to another...

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Awesome Free Design & Developer Resources

I’ve had a ton of people asking me where to find great resources, and have actually come across a ton of them lately. I’d thought I’d share them all with you in one post. 🙂 If you’ve got some other resources, let me know in the comments! Podcasts The Big Web Show – Hosted by Jeffery Zeldman and Dan Benjamin,...

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Creating Custom Taxonomies in WordPress

I had a client this week that wanted to install WordPress on the CoreCommerce site I recently did for her. When I was checking out the mockups, I noticed a strange section in their sidebar. Basically, they wanted to have four different tag areas with different sections, one for “Materials”, “Colors”, “Country” and one called “Labels” that would house all...

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20 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Every Website

I’ve reviewed several plugins before, but since I started using WordPress as the CMS for almost every site I do now, I’ve amassed some great and very essential plugins. Some of these make the user experience better, but a lot of these work in the backend to help the actual functionality of the site out. While it’s best to have as...

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Review of WordPress & AJAX by Ronald Huereca

When Ronald Huereca sent me an email a few weeks back asking me to review his eBook, “WordPress & AJAX“, I was a bit hesitant. I’m not a fan of scripting languages and I know little to nothing about writing JS from scratch. However, I thought that it would be a great learning experience and I never like to turn...

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Why I Became A Web Developer

People are often surprised when I tell them what I do. Of course, most of the people I tell don’t understand anyways, but several make the comment that it’s weird I do this and I’m a good looking girl. While thats partially offensive, the consensus seems to be that being a web developer is a man’s job, or at least...

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