The Best Development Articles Of

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I started blogging! My friends and family have always said that I could talk forever, but I never believed that until now. 😉

I wanted to share some of the best articles written on here since I started blogging.

Business of the Web Part 3 : What does valid code mean to me
Why is validation and semantics important to your business, website and clients?

CoreCommerce vs ZenCart vs Shopp: Battle of the eCommerce Softwares
A review of some of the most popular eCommerce frameworks.

PHP Programming With Netbeans
A review of using Netbeans for PHP Programming

Creating Custom WordPress Themes Part 1: Identify Your Theme
A 3 step post series showing how to create a custom WordPress theme from scratch.

You Don’t Need A Framework If You Have A Good Developer
Clients like to use frameworks like Thesis Theme, but they don’t know that they don’t need them.

Making Your Code As Beautiful As The Design Itself
How to organize your code to be clean, easy to read and easy for other developers jump in!

10 Things CSS3 and HTML5 Will Teach Us
What new technologies will hold for us in the future

How To Code A Simple Website From Scratch
Learn the basics of HTML and CSS in this 4-part series

Deciding The Next Step In Your Freelance Business
What do you after you’ve become successful?

Why I Became A Web Developer
My personal story on why I became who I am ^_^

Design Isn’t Visual
Many designers focus on how the website looks, instead of focusing on how it feels and interacts with the user.

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