The Reality of Business Dreams

If you follow my blog at all, you’ll know that with, I started moving towards making my own apps instead of only working with clients. I’ve yet to really make any money at all, but I’m hoping that changes with the new app my husband and I are working on, called (I don’t know what it is with me and .it domains!?)

Trying to jump into the app business has proved to be quite different from how I got into the freelance business. Compared to the app business, freelancing is a¬†guaranteed¬†source of income as much as a full time job. A lot of developers and designs wish to get in the app business to get away from working from anyone. Even if you freelance, you still technically “work for” people, those people being your clients.

What one doesn’t think about though, is that the app business has it’s own challenges. You may not have to deal with client demands, but you have to work for months on end with no pay while creating something you hope enough people will buy so you can feed your family. Gone are the days where you get paid multiple times.

I thought through this a bit, which is why I’m still freelancing full time and working on the app on the side. Of course, this means between work, p90x, some sort of social life and time with my family, I’m left with almost no time for the app. Did I mention I’m also trying to squeeze in time to write a couple of books and have some babies? Heh.

I have to often remind myself of some advice I once gave to both of my parents, who are both stuck in jobs they hate and have been planning on starting their own business for years now. The most common excuse I hear from almost everyone is that there’s “no time” and they can’t just quit their jobs to make time because they have a family to feed. Well, doesn’t everyone? Doesn’t the guy who started Starbucks have a family? Steve Jobs? Sam Walton?

We have to make time to start a business, otherwise we’ll be stuff forever in limbo, or worse, in a business or job we absolutely hate. Sure, I work a lot of hours at my desk, but I’m young and have no children and am trying to work now to retire at least at 50, but hopefully 30. I don’t want to be sitting at this desk at 75, making websites because I don’t have enough money to live off of.

Back to today and back to the plan. What is it you want to do? How will you accomplish it? You have to make every day a day that brings you even one step closer to the goal, or you might as well give up now and stop complaining about your stupid job.