To Be A Better Business You Gotta Forget Your Services

Why is it that some businesses succeed and others don’t? Could it be that the business that succeeds is better at what they do than you are? Maybe, but probably not. Why is it that some businesses that do crappy work succeed more than other businesses that do better work? It’s because they’re not doing enough.

When I talk about not doing enough, I’m not talking about enough services, enough work or enough features. I’m talking about doing more than just “what you do”. Doing more than just design, just development or just writing.

Gimme more!

People tell me I’m a good marketer because they see me everywhere on the web. However, that isn’t necessarily marketing, as I don’t really put myself on the web to get seen, but  that’s how I do more. Perhaps it’s just easy for me to see the obvious in what mine and other’s businesses are missing.

Here’s an example. I know some guys who had a great idea for a social media site. Unfortunately even though they’ve launched, they really haven’t gotten any support or many users. I wish they’d ask my advice, because I’m pretty sure I know what’s wrong. What is it? They haven’t done any more than put the website up and talk to a couple of local news stations.

The second problem was waiting so long to launch. When they had the original idea no one else had it either, however by the time they had launched, two other similar services had already been out and had a pretty strong following. So no one heard of their service.

Another problem, is that they’re nowhere on the web but in their own little corner. The problem with only being in your corner is that no one else knows where your corner is.

Gimme success!

The keys to success in the online world is less about services or features and more about where you are and who can find you. There are thousands, if not millions, of “awesome” designers and developers out there, but you could probably only name a few of them off the top of your head. Why? Because you see them in everyone else’s corner.

How to get seen

Succeeding on the web, or being toted as a great marketer, is pretty easy. All it takes is just “being there” and time. It’s been about 9 months since I started “being there.” While I’m certainly no where near as famous as the other guys, I get my fair share of fan mail and “hey I see you everywhere!” emails. How and where did I do this?

The web is smaller than you think because we’re niched into a tight community. I got out there. I started a blog, I wrote for others’ blogs, I commented and I tweeted and I only did a tiny bit of Facebooking and LinkedIn. Actually, I did nothing on Facebook or LinkedIn, but instead I tied my accounts together so they’d update each other.

Because  clients see my name everywhere, they remember me when they need a developer. Am I the best developer out there? Probably not (yes). But I’m there.

Don’t drop the ball

Of course, being there isn’t going to matter if your work and customer service suck. So even though being a better business doesn’t really matter when it comes to the kind or amount of services or features you offer, quality still matters.

One angry person can really, really ruin your months of hard work to get seen. Even worse, because you’re so well known, an angry customer is going to get their voice heard that much more. Can you imagine what would happen if an angry customer wrote about Jeff Zimmerman or Eric Meyer? I’m pretty sure everyone on the web would hear about it.

How have you gotta seen?

What do you do to get seen everyday? Has it worked?

image by mudpig